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4 goals to make it a marvellous mattress year!

January 11, 2021    Marina

One thing that never changed in 2020 was that, pandemic or not, we still had to sleep and for many of us more time than ever was spent in bed, simply because we spent more time at home. Your mattress is a friend and sleeping companion and should always be respected for the huge role that it plays in your life.

So as we go out of this rather difficult year and into 2021, we should be setting a few goals to look after our mattresses, just as we set goals for everything else. 

Assuming you bought a base and mattress set which are properly matched – or you’re happy with the base of the bed on which you sleep, there are 4 goals to make it a marvellous mattress year …

Goal 1 – Protection prolongs its life

It is very important that you have a good mattress protector and there are a few good reasons to do so: If you have one from the time you buy the mattress it will make it last longer; it makes the mattress much easier to clean, especially if you have ‘accidents’ in the bed, as it can be removed to be washed – and finally it is far more hygienic, protecting the mattress from sweat, skin cells and saliva – and provides a hypoallergenic layer to keep dust mites away.

Goal 2 – Rotation prevents sagging

The regular rotation of a mattress can prevent those dents that start to form where you sleep, particularly if you are mostly sleeping on one side. Rotate the mattress from top to tail and turn it over from time to time (about every three months) to prevent this sagging, which by the way will also give you better support!

Goal 3 – Clean regularly and keep away furry friends 

If you want to get a double dose of allergies and poor hygiene in the bed then just invite Fido to join you. As much as you may want him to, it isn’t a good idea as it promotes nasty stains from ‘accidents,’ bacterial build-up and tearing from claw marks.

Once you have successfully ejected Fido to his own bed, regular washing of the bedding and mattress protector and just cleaning the mattress itself with a vacuum cleaner will do the trick to keep it stain, sweat and bug-free for the year.

Goal 4 – If it’s old – oust it to preserve your health!

As much as you may like to think of your mattress as an old friend – if its days are numbered the best goal you can set this year is to make sure you replace it!

The health issues associated with old mattresses are numerous, including postural issues, hygiene issues, and according to research even stress, heart, snoring, memory, and weight issues! Check this article for some more info:

Affordable, long-lasting options

The biggest excuse people have for not replacing an old mattress is money and we at Truform can assure you we offer very affordable options that will give you all the comfort, support and sleeping pleasure you’ll need this year.

Visit a store near you to view our excellent range of South Africa’s finest mattresses – or contact us directly for any advice you need.

Whatever it may throw at you, if you set these 4 goals, 2021 will indeed be a marvellous mattress year!  

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