Buying a mattress? Buy new every time!

It’s a great feeling to think you have just scored a bargain because you saw something second-hand advertised and the price was extra low. Well that might be a good feeling, but actually, it’s not any better than the feeling you get from buying something brand new and knowing you are its first owner.

When it comes to buying a mattress, in particular, we really recommend that you buy a new one every time and here are a few good reasons why.

You don’t know how second-hand it is!

When you buy a used motor car (from a reputable dealer at least) you have an idea of how it has been treated and how many previous owners it has had. This is because it has a logbook, which should show its service history etc.

No such luck with a second-hand mattress. Even though it may not look very old (and how do you know?) it could have had several owners and you never know what happened on that mattress.

When you buy a new mattress, you know exactly how old it is and where it has been! 

Would you buy a second-hand toothbrush?

As gross as that sounds, buying a used mattress is no different. Mattresses over the years tend to gather dust mites which we are told “shed their skin, defecate and reproduce inside your mattress” and the one you buy, as clean as it may look could be filled with them.

Remember, every human being also sheds kilometres of dead skin cells every year, not to mention sweat, oils and makeup that can all soil a mattress over a period of time. From a purely hygienic point of view buying a new mattress is as important as buying a new toothbrush!

You could be sleeping better 

There is nothing more important than ensuring you are having enough sleep and that you are sleeping well. Only you can have the discipline to achieve the first, but buying a new mattress can certainly assist with the latter.

Technology is improving every day which means that new mattresses are giving you better support, comfort, and postural advantages than mattresses from a few years ago.

There is a limited lifespan  

Mattresses, like pretty much all other products, have a limited lifespan. Depending on how well it is looked after, and even if treated with a lot of tender love and care the average mattress has around 7 to 10 years before it is considered useless and frankly no longer supportive or hygienic at all.

Given that you seldom know how old a mattress actually is, the likelihood is that it will have had its best years already and will need to be changed far sooner than if you had bought new…

It is not cost-effective 

…so, following on from that, even if you paid half of what a great new mattress will cost you, you are not saving at all! Added to that, the possible medical bills from sleeping with poor posture, allergies from allergens and dust mites and lack of sleep in general, the only way a used mattress will be cheaper is if it is given to you. Once again – would you accept a used toothbrush – even if it’s given to you?

The all-in-one great first-time purchase

Truform makes every new mattress purchase a pleasure from every point of view. With great looks and styling, and being environmentally, physiologically, technologically, and financially superior, you need only visit a dealer near you, insist on a Truform mattress and you’ll be making one of the best purchases of your life!

Always true to form – we support you all the way!

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