Can too much sleep be bad for you?

We have often written about the many benefits there are to getting regular good sleep and consequently the many bad effects that poor sleep quality can have on your health. Like all things in life, however, there’s a balance to this and many people may not know that too much sleep can be bad for you too!

We decided to write this article now because we are going into the holiday season and as much as we have warned about deviating from your regular sleep patterns due to too many activities and celebrations, some people will tend to have a more chilled vacation and get far more sleep than usual.

Is too much sleep a concern?

The answer to the question ‘Is too much sleep a concern?’’ (one that is often asked by people embarking on holiday) is both yes and no – as it depends more on why you are getting too much sleep.

The kind of additional sleep that people have on holiday is usually due to simply having more time to sleep and the extra sleep is just catching up on sleep you may have lost in busier times. This is seldom harmful. Be warned though that it’s not a good idea to oversleep too much even at these times as you will find it very difficult to get back into your regular sleeping cycle when returning to work.

Oversleeping, or ‘Hypersomnia,’ on a regular basis can be very harmful to your health and cause such issues as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive problems, to name a few.

What causes Hypersomnia?

According to experts on this subject, health factors and certain medications are the biggest reason for this condition, and it can be serious. The ‘Sleep Doctor’ in an insightful article says ”It can be due to obstructive sleep apnea and circadian rhythm disorders. Frequently oversleeping for over three months and waking up without feeling rested may also be a sign of hypersomnia, a sleep disorder linked to excessive tiredness and oversleeping.’’

Medical issues such as Head injury, Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Bipolar conditions can all be causes of Hypersomnia, but medications like opioids, some anti-depressants, and other substances like alcohol and cannabis can also be problematic.

Normal sleep for teenagers is 8 to 10 hrs and for adults up to the age of 65, it is 7 to 8 hrs. Over 65 we may require a little more sleep. If you are having a lot more than that you should consult a doctor.

Can your mattress be the culprit?

Without any doubt, a great mattress like a Truform with its extra comfort layer and firm postural support will certainly encourage better quality sleep and even contribute a little to you not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, but as great as it is, it will not induce more sleep. 

The massive advantage of a good mattress is that one tends to sleep better on it and wake up with fewer aches and pains. A bad mattress on the other hand can be physically harmful and cause broken irregular sleep. Don’t take that chance. Test a Truform at your nearest retailer and find out what sleeping on a great mattress can feel like.

Contact us with any queries about your specific sleeping requirements too. Thanks so much to all who have followed our blog and supported us through 2023 – we certainly hope we have been supporting you too as you get your precious sleep. 

Have a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful, restful, and prosperous 2024!