Good health and good sleep go hand in hand!

Just like October is known for Breast Cancer awareness, November has become known as ‘Mo’vember’ by those who are aware of the great initiative taken by men all over the globe to grow moustaches, or ‘Mo’s, in support of many men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer.

Prevention is the key

In both these cases research has conclusively shown that early detection greatly enhances the victim’s chances of survival and so regular self-examination, medicals, blood tests and screening, when necessary, are deemed to be vital, particularly for those over 40 years of age. In essence, awareness and preparation can lead to the prevention of these cancers – or at least minimise their efficacy.

So where does sleep come into it? Well, simply put good health and good sleep go hand in hand. How is this so? Well, the body needs sleep to function optimally and sleep deprivation can affect many parts of the body’s functions.

A great article in a South Australian health publication ‘SA Health,’ summed it up pretty well with this observation, ‘’While we sleep many important functions take place that help the body in physical recovery and repair, support brain development, cardiac function and body metabolism, as well as support learning, improving memory and mood. Sleep is especially important for children, playing an important role in growth and overall health and babies and children need much more sleep than adults.’’

Sleep, according to research, can play a vital role in optimising general health, particularly in the development and prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental health. One should treat a sleeping disorder just as any other illness – immediately address it and if necessary seek professional help.

How do we get healthy sleep?

We have written fairly extensively on the various ways we can improve our sleep and consequently our general health, but in summary here are a few of the key factors to attaining better, more regular and therefore healthier sleep…

  • Exercise vigorously and regularly – but not too close to bedtime!
  • Set a regular sleeping pattern and stick to it – even on holidays
  • Ensure you sleep in an environment conducive to good sleep- i.e., dark and cool
  • Prior to bedtime avoid caffeine and alcohol and any heavy foods
  • Also, avoid blue screens at least one hour before bedtime – so watching TV, or using your cell phone in bed is not a good idea!
  • Choose an effective mattress! – Quality of sleep and the mattress you sleep on are inextricably linked. This is because a good mattress helps to support the body’s posture and adds an element of comfort, ensuring one gets a better night’s sleep, resulting in optimal health!

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