Great mattresses make for better sleep!

Those who follow these articles and advice pieces will know we talk a lot about sleep and of course mattresses. We talk a lot about sleep because it is of such vital importance to our health and let’s face it, any advice on how to get more sleep or better-quality sleep can only be helpful.

We talk a lot about mattresses because apart from being a great mattress manufacturer we believe that the quality of your sleep is only as good as the quality of your mattress. The two, therefore, are inextricably linked.

Don’t just take our word for it though – In a 2011 poll, the National Sleep Foundation found that 92 per cent of people say “a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep.” Much research has been done on this and here are just a few of the reasons that great mattresses make for better sleep…

Great mattresses have better neck and back support

Sure if you have springs sticking up into your back it is certainly time to change your mattress, but really good mattresses, like all the Truform ranges, have the highest gauge wire and highest spring count in every mattress and an additional comfort layer under the quilting that makes mattresses firmer, more comfortable and orthopedically superior.

Reduced neck and backache are significant when it comes to obtaining more sleep. It simply stands to reason that pain while sleeping can wake you earlier and deprive you of that important extra couple of hours. 

Better sleep quality lowers stress.

Research has been done on people who have slept on both old and new mattresses over a period of time and a significant percentage of these people reported that their stress levels dropped. Less back or neck pain during sleep, thanks to a firmer new mattress, can help to eliminate that irritability one can feel when awakening after sleeping on an old mattress.

Fewer allergies make for better sleep.

Dust mites and other parasites take time to gather in your bedding and usually more of these are found in older mattresses. A mattress that contains fewer dust mites (the microscopic creatures feed on the dead skin cells you shed) will also assist you not only to sleep better – but have a better life free of these allergens.

Allergies are a very big problem for most people. Apart from having a better mattress you can also prevent this by vacuuming the mattress from time to time – and ensure your bedding is washed and changed regularly! 

Peace of mind makes for better sleep.

When you purchase a mattress it is important that you have peace of mind about your purchase too. Little point in buying a new mattress to improve your sleep and then you’re not sure if you paid too much – or if what you have bought is of the highest quality.

When you purchase any Truform mattress you can be assured that every mattress has SABS approved parts and that our mattresses are renowned for their affordability without ever compromising quality.Contact us for any additional information, or visit one of our many accredited dealers to choose and test drive your new mattress. Rest assured that this is a purchase that you will never regret if you value your sleep – because there is no doubt – great mattresses make for better sleep!

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