How to fix an uncomfortable mattress when on holiday

As much as your Truform mattress at home gives you great support and comfort all year round, so you can experience great sleep, you might have bit of a problem when you’re not at home. We are in fact right in the middle of the school holidays now and some of you may be away, staying with relatives or in a hotel, a B&B, or have hired an Airbnb. 

What often happens, and it could be happening to you right now, is that you find that the mattress you are sleeping on is old and worn, or too firm, or simply never gets turned, so you are battling to sleep and just putting up with it. Well, we love to help you all year round and wherever you are, so perhaps we can offer some advice on how to fix an uncomfortable mattress when on holiday…

If the mattress is too firm

It may sound strange but mattresses can be too firm and if you are not used to a very firm mattress this can be very uncomfortable. There are a couple of things you can do. If you are going to be there for a while it may be worth your while to invest in a mattress topper that provides a soft comfort layer on top of the mattress. This is similar to the soft comfort layer built into every Truform mattress, but not all mattresses have it.

If you don’t want to make that investment for a short time then you can also ask the owners to give you a spare duvet to use directly on top of the mattress under the bedsheet. The only problem with this is it does tend to move around a bit but it’s better than nothing.

Give it a turn

A good piece of advice for everyone, whether you are away from home on holiday, or at home, is that if you have a mattress that can be turned over then this needs to be done once a month. If it can’t be turned over, then at least turn it around. If you are feeling mattress discomfort when on holiday try this first as it may solve the problem, at least to some extent.

If the mattress is too soft or sagging

Usually, in the case of older mattresses (and this may be more of an issue at home rather than on holiday), they can begin to get too soft and start sagging – especially if it is the spring-type bed base where the mattress can start sagging between the springs.

The best thing to do in the case of this type of mattress (but it will take some investment) is to get a piece of chipboard, cut to the size of the mattress, to lay under it. It doesn’t completely stop the mattress from being too soft but it will feel much firmer, particularly if it has been sagging badly.

The mattress that’s ‘just right’!

After over 35 years of designing and creating mattresses, Truform believes that we have created the one that is neither too soft nor too firm, with the most comfort you can get and the best possible support to avoid back or neck aches and pains. 

Not only are our mattresses as near to perfection as possible but they come at a price that the man in the street can afford – and most importantly they last a long, long time, so providing you treat them well, turning them often, it is unlikely that when you need to fix an uncomfortable mattress when on holiday, it is a Truform.

At least at home you can rest assured that on a Truform you will never have any of these issues, so find a store near you that sells only the best and test drive a Truform today! #AskForTruform