Why great mattresses give you better sleep!

As a Mattress company, we have often written about sleep and all the reasons that we need sleep so badly. All this is important, but whereas we usually just tag something on about why a good mattress can assist you to get better sleep, we thought it was long overdue to tell you exactly why great mattresses give you better sleep!

What bad mattresses can do to you 

The reason that so many people lose out on sleep when they sleep on a bad (or old) mattress is essentially because it creates some sort of discomfort and, as we well know, when trying to sleep upright in an aeroplane, for example, discomfort is the biggest sleep killer!

So, what are some of these areas of discomfort?…

Poor posture – A mattress when it gets old, or is just badly made, does not have the required postural support to enable someone to comfortably lie on it for several hours. Those who have back or neck problems in particular need a firm mattress that fully supports their frame and enables them to sleep in a good position. 

Lack of comfort – A mattress that has only a thin top layer or an old mattress that has lost its firmness will always be uncomfortable. Sagging in the middle or springs sticking out are enough to drive anyone to distraction and ruin a good night’s sleep.

Allergens and germs – Very old mattresses have generally built up a layer of pet dander, mildew, mould, dust mites, and other allergens. These are difficult to get rid of without extensive cleaning and after a while, they can cause severe allergies and itching which will keep anyone awake after a time.

The result of all these is simply poor quality, insufficient, or at very least broken sleep, all of which can have lasting effects on your mood, productivity and overall health. So, what do we need to do about it? Well, just make it a priority to always sleep on a great mattress!

What great mattresses can do for you

A great mattress does the opposite of all the negatives resulting from sleeping on a bad mattress…

Great postural support –  A Truform mattress, for example, is designed to give you good postural support throughout the night and don’t underestimate what this does for you in your waking hours too. We all know too well how much pain we can experience all day after sleeping on a too-soft mattress, or that dreaded airline seat – or a mattress like a water bed that does not support us sufficiently. 

More comfort – A Truform also has an additional comfort layer, and that wonderful softness on just the surface allows us to sleep more comfortably – but still firmly.

Great health – Finally, with regular cleaning a new Truform mattress will remain bug and allergen-free for many years and you can rest assured of better general health too!

The result is regulated, restorative, consistent sleep without interruptions or discomfort – giving us all the energy and drive we need to get through every day feeling on top of the world.

The best mattress of them all?

You may think we are out of line claiming to have the best mattresses. Well, not only is this a physical fact in many respects, but when you take our balance of quality and price into account you will realise that a Truform really is the best all-round option.

Truform mattresses not only tick all the boxes of what it takes to make a mattress great but they are available  in so many mattress stores because they have gained a great reputation as being really good value for money.

If you don’t test a Truform at a store near you when you buy a mattress, you simply will have not tried all the best options. You can also contact us to talk about your specific mattress requirements, check out our range and find out for yourself why great mattresses (like a Truform) give you better sleep!