Will you have another ‘bleary-eyed’ year in 2024 – or a peaceful snore?

Albert Einstein said that insanity was repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! Did you have a challenging year as far as sleep was concerned in 2023? Are you right now on vacation trying desperately to catch up on the much-needed sleep that you never get enough of during your busy year? If so, then guess what? Something has to change in order to break this pattern and take it from us it could change your life! The question, therefore, is, ‘’Will you have another ‘bleary-eyed’ year in 2024 – or a peaceful snore?’’

Set good sleep goals this year

Like any good business, at the beginning of the year, you need to look back to the year gone by and analyse in retrospect why you may not have been getting the sleep you should have. Was it due to things beyond your control, like having a baby in the house – or was it mostly because you either were working too much, too stressed out to fall asleep or have simply developed bad habits? 

Cat naps to the rescue

If your lack of sleep last year was something beyond your control, then decide what can change this year to get it in control. Even with having a baby, better sleep can be achieved by taking shifts to ensure you are both covered for at least the minimum requirement of sleep or engaging the help of family and friends (Grandmas love to feel needed) – and wherever possible, catching up with a cat nap or two during the day.

Taking cat naps (or we prefer to call them ‘power naps,’) can be highly effective and go a long way to solving many sleep issues. Cat naps can be a Godsend to the executive who just needs to recharge the batteries during a busy day, especially for those prone to working late.

Include sleep in your fitness program

Some have been known to suffer heart attacks in the gym because they have regular (and sometimes rigorous) fitness programs but have not looked after their health in other aspects like eliminating stress, maintaining a healthy diet, doing things in moderation – and yes – getting enough sleep! A lack of sleep can be debilitating, and research has shown that it can lead to overweight, general health and even heart failure issues.

Make sure that your daily regime includes a holistic program of doing all the right things and getting a good night’s sleep!

Develop better sleep habits

Getting back to what Einstein said, nothing will change unless repetition of the wrong things is avoided, therefore bad sleep habits too are something you need to change to ensure 2024 will be a happy sleep year.

Stop eating fatty foods just before bedtime. Stop watching blue screens until your eyes close before bedtime. Stop overdoing alcohol or caffeine before going to bed and try to start always sleeping in a cool room, which is fully darkened, wear ear plugs if you need to or try soothing white noise. You can also try a little soothing meditation to calm the mind and put aside the stresses of the day.

Sleep on a great mattress

If you have been tossing and turning or waking up feeling like you ache all over (or itch all over!) this could mean the best thing you can do for 2024 is to purchase a brand new Truform Mattress. With its scientifically designed postural support, an extra layer of comfort and a guarantee of great quality at the fairest price, you could easily turn your 2024 into a peaceful snore! 

Test a Truform at a store near you or contact us today to talk about your specific mattress requirements. Thanks a million, to all who supported us in 2023 – we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year – and you can rest assured, that your Truform mattress will be supporting you through this and many more years to come!