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Will you return from holiday rested or wrecked?

December 1, 2020    designca

As mattress manufacturers, we write a lot about sleep. There’s a reason for this – not only because sleep and mattresses go together – like a horse and carriage – but because we care for our customers and understand the value of sleep.

There can be nothing much worse than insomnia, and the damage to your health from sleep deprivation can be devastating. Because the lack of sleep is often a result of stress and an overactive mind, many people hope that their annual vacation will enable them to get some well-deserved sleep and rest.

Unfortunately many don’t and they and their kids can return from a holiday needing another holiday, simply because what they did on holiday was not conducive to being well-rested after it was all over. 

Here are a few tips to assist you to make sure that you will return from holiday rested and not wrecked!

Plan it well

Planning a holiday can be as much fun as the holiday itself, so get everyone involved and set out some ground rules at the outset. Try to plan a holiday that is relaxing – a trip to the city with relatives you don’t like will not be conducive to reducing stress. 

From the trip in the car to your activities and festivities, try to plan a holiday that will include plenty of time for relaxation and sleep.   

Maintain your sleep cycle

This is especially important for the kids. As much as possible try to keep the same bedtimes and waking times as you have during the working year. Upsetting a sleep cycle is not only damaging at the time but can be very difficult to recover from and correct when you return home.

Encourage family fun – and exercise

Something that will help to maintain normal sleep patterns is to plan plenty of family fun, or for the singles and couples, a vacation filled with healthy exercise. If you’re not at the beach, do some sight-seeing, which can include plenty of walking, or take the kids to places where they can keep moving.

If you are going to be on a beach, take a Frisbee and the water toys that ensure you don’t spend too much time just lying under an umbrella with a good book. Yes, some time spent doing that is important too, but try to strike a balance. 

Plenty of fresh air, sunshine and exercise usually have you and the kids feeling pretty tired at the end of the day and do wonders to reduce stress. Oh, and yes, please wear plenty of sunscreen!

Watch the waistline and the wine

One of the main reasons for disturbed and erratic sleep patterns is drinking too much alcohol and overindulging in food– in particular sugar! There’s nothing that will have the kids bouncing off the walls faster than an ice cream the last thing at night – or have you lying ‘bug-eyed’ at 3 am in the morning, than having had too much wine.

Yes, it is the festive season, but don’t use the excuse that because you’re on holiday you can do what you like – because you’ll pay for it later.

Take some ‘me’ time

Getting back to reading that book, do take some ‘me’ time. If you are married with kids take it in turns on at least a few days for each of you to have your special alone time. This too is a great stress reliever – and good for relationships too!

Return to a great mattress

One reason many say they didn’t sleep well on holiday is that they weren’t in their own bed. Well, unfortunately, we can’t do much about that, but you can make sure that at least when you return home you are sleeping on the best mattress you can buy – a Truform mattress.

Designed for extra comfort and support, a Truform mattress is your best friend when it comes to sleep and relaxation. Find a dealer near you or contact us directly for more information – because if you’re not sleeping on a Truform mattress getting one could ensure that you are rested and not wrecked in 2021!

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