Are you sleeping fit for 2022?

January is the time for setting goals for all kinds of things; work projects, making money, personal growth, and of course health, but do you ever include sleep fitness as a part of your fitness regime?

When it comes to maintaining good health, getting good regular sleep would probably be rated as one of the top criteria to achieve. The question to ask yourself then is… are you sleeping fit for 2022? – and what about making this a top priority goal? 

There are three main things we believe you need to focus on, starting at the beginning of the year, going throughout the year and concluding with something that you may never even think about – so let’s get started…

Recover properly from the holidays 

The first goal is to get yourself quickly back into a routine following the year-end holidays – and this is something to keep in mind after every holiday – or even business trips involving long flights. 

The Sleep Ambassador, a company that deals primarily with sleep health, recommends a sleep transition. According to them this involves doing the right things one hour before you intend to be asleep.

They say, “You can take the hour to do things like a bath, a shower, reading a book, putting the dishes away, or even having a conversation with someone.’’ They also recommend avoiding technology before bed, which includes blue light screens which can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, and add that the ideal setting is a dark and quiet room.

Develop good sleep habits throughout the year 

These habits are very good to adopt throughout the year if you are someone who has a problem going off to sleep. More good habits are ensuring that your body temperature is always cooled down before going to bed, so keep the temperature in your room cool, and keeping noise to an absolute minimum. White noise, however, like the sound of a fan or that which is technically produced can actually be very helpful. 

As this is a part of your health regime, being fit is vital too because regular exercise and regular sleep go hand in hand – and finally, as having good sleep patterns is all about time (8 hrs per night is recommended for the average adult and more in children), do try to get to bed and rise as much as possible at the same time of the day.

This is particularly important when dealing with seasonal changes in sleep patterns, don’t let the change of light entering the room affect your sleeping and rising times. Just ensure the temperature remains the same and the room is as dark as possible until you rise. 

Maintain mattress health too

Many people don’t realise that sleeping on a good mattress is also crucial to ensuring a good night’s sleep and sleeping on old mattresses is not only a health risk from a hygiene point of view, but it can badly affect posture and of course your comfort as you try to sleep.

To be assured of a great mattress that offers the finest support and comfort and that comes with a trusted, established pedigree you can’t go wrong with a Truform mattress. To try one out locate a dealer near you and start your year with a mattress that will assist you to maintain your sleep fitness goals throughout 2022! Stay safe – stay comfortably rested and a Happy New Year to you all!