5 ways new Mums can get more sleep!

When we think of Mother’s Day we don’t often think about those very special Mums who are going through probably the most difficult part of Motherhood – tending to a newborn baby!

There are many challenges to this, especially for first-time Mums, and one of the biggest is sleep deprivation, something they might not always have considered or really been prepared for.

We felt that seeing as we talk a lot about helping people to sleep better, for Mother’s Day this year we would talk directly to those Mums who probably need the most help of all, so here are 5 ways new Mums can get more sleep!

A lot has been written on this subject, but we know that new Mums don’t get a lot of time to read, so we will keep this as short but hopefully as helpful as possible…

  1. Keep baby close

It could be dangerous to have the baby in the bed with you but keep the cot close to you so you can tend to their feeds and then get straight back to sleep.

  1. Share with Dad

Assuming that Dad has got some paternal leave – or at least on the weekends, get him to share the nighttime duties. Alternate feeds and even if you are breastfeeding you can pump milk during the day for Dad to feed at night.

  1. Enlist friends and family!

As the old saying goes “What are friends for?’’ most friends and family members (especially Grandma) will be only too happy to assist with things like cleaning around the house, shopping or collecting other kids from school etc. If you are really tired at night leave the dishes and ask Dad to help, or friends to help the next day. Don’t feel embarrassed to do this – your sleep is critical and they will understand.

  1. Practice good sleep habits

Don’t lose a moment of precious sleep between feeds and tending to baby’s needs by having bad sleep habits that keep you awake. Try to take your cat naps at a regular time each day (preferably when baby is sleeping) so your body adapts to it, avoid caffeine and cut the electronics before any period of sleep.

  1. Teach baby good sleep habits

It will help you now, and your baby in years to come, to start teaching good sleep habits even at this early age. Put your baby down at a regular time even if they do not appear to be tired. Try to avoid too much rocking in your arms as this can become a habit for the baby. It’s better if they learn to go to sleep on their own. Create a good routine for every night, so your baby learns this – for example – bath, read a story, then baby goes down. Research has shown that babies who go down on their own actually sleep longer!

One more great way – the Truform way!

One thing that’s for sure, whether you are a new Mum or a Mum who has had many kids you will know the value of sleeping on a great mattress. Don’t exacerbate your sleep deprivation issues by sleeping on an old mattress that may rob you of the kind of extra comfort and great support you can get from a Truform mattress.

Get Dad to treat you and get down to a store near you to test a Truform. Or simply contact us to tell us exactly what you’re looking for. We hope these 5 ways new Mums can get more sleep have helped you – and Happy Mother’s Day!