Father or Son – how much sleep do we really need?

In South Africa, in June we celebrate both our Youth Day and our Father’s Day. We know that the Youth are our future but where would our youth be without our dads? Well, whether you are a young person in your teens or a dad who’s anywhere from his twenties onwards, sleep plays a vital role in your daily health regime and it should never be compromised.

Much has been written about how much sleep we need to ensure that we always maintain a level of good health because, just like with exercise or eating, there are minimum amounts of sleep required for us to be able to operate normally and optimally.

We have often seen tables of these requirements and you’ll notice that the sleep requirement diminishes slightly as any baby, child, teen or adult get older. The averages for teens and adults (seeing as we are focussing on the youth and dads here) are 8 to 10hrs for teens (between 13 and 18yrs) and around 7hrs for adults above 18.

Are we all the same?

The question has to arise though when you think of your own sleep requirement – are we all the same? Many teens seem to want to sleep all day and certainly many adults seem to want more than seven hrs a night, but some adults and teens seem to survive happily and function very well on much less than this. Our sleep requirements differ, so, Father or Son – how much sleep do we really need?

Are you sleeping enough?

Generally speaking, those who get too much sleep are perfectly fine and this is seldom an issue unless in the extreme case of, for example, narcolepsy, when one has no control over sudden bouts of sleep.

It is problematic though for those who don’t seem to follow the norm in terms of getting enough sleep – and if we do need more sleep then we definitely need to address it.

Important questions

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine organised a panel of sleep experts to create the average recommended sleep quotas by reviewing sleep duration and key health outcomes like cardiovascular disease, depression, pain, and diabetes.  

They devised a set of questions that you can ask yourself to ascertain if you need more sleep – some of the key ones are…

  • Have you noticed that you need more hours of sleep to feel good the next day?
  • Do you have a high energy expenditure job? Do you play a lot of sports or work in a labour-intensive job?
  •  Do you need to be alert to do your job safely? Do you drive every day and/or operate heavy machinery? Do you ever feel sleepy when doing these things?
  • Do you depend on caffeine drinks to get you through the day?
  • When you have some free time, do you tend to sleep in more – or want to take cat naps?

If you answered yes to any of these, regardless of whether you’re a teen or an adult, you’re simply a person that needs more sleep and you should not fight it. Get more sleep if that’s what it takes to make you function better!

Get more sleep on a better mattress

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