How sleep can affect our relationships

This month, on the 21st to be exact, we as a country celebrate one of our most important landmarks – Human Rights day. Human rights are celebrated all over the world at one time or another by different nations, and we are lucky to have reached the point that we can also celebrate it in South Africa. 

As one observer put it – “Human Rights Day reminds all South Africans of the human rights which they now enjoy and which they and the state must respect. The South African Constitution is rightly admired as one of the best, if not the best, written constitutions in the world. It is the crowning glory of the political settlement that finally brought apartheid to an end and ushered in a new era of real democracy in which every person is regarded as equal under the law.’’

In essence, human rights are about respecting each other and respect for each other is a vital part of relationships. Because we always have sleep on the brain, it got us thinking about whether sleep could affect the relationships we have with our loved ones (and others) and this revealed some interesting facts. Here are a few ways that sleep affects our relationships…

Good sleep gives us more empathy with others – According to a study by the National Library of Medicine, sleeping well assists us to have better empathy with others and this is a vital part of good relationships. In essence, this is caring for each other and that’s what relationships are all about.

Poor sleep can make us reject others – In another fascinating study, it was shown that subjects who had slept poorly, when shown videos of being approached by others, pushed a buzzer to stop being approached much sooner than those who had received a good night’s sleep. 

Better sleep helps us not to stereotype people – This is a big problem with relationships in general. It seems far-fetched, but poor sleepers tend to think others think less of them and therefore in turn tend to shun them!

Sleep helps us to be less aggressive and angry – This is a common one and from the time we are babies our parents recognise that if we are tired or have not slept sufficiently we cry and tend to display anger and even aggression towards others. Sadly this remains the case throughout your adult life, so if you don’t want to be like a bear with a sore -head, then hit the bed!

You have a right to a great night’s sleep!

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