Get great holiday sleep all year round!

We have written on many occasions about the issues surrounding getting back into good sleep patterns after being on a vacation. This can be problematic, particularly for kids who may not have observed their usual bedtimes on vacation. Please read and share our articles that have given solutions for that and many other sleep issues, but an entirely different problem that most of us have is that the only time we do get really good sleep is on holiday – and we wish that we could do that all year round!

Why we sleep better on vacation

There are some good reasons that we sleep better when on holiday and understanding these and adopting them into our day to day working lives is how we can get great holiday sleep all year round! You’ll find that most of these involve finding a little more time in your day to day routine, but the rewards of better sleep are well worth it.

More exercise

This doesn’t apply to everyone of course, but the average family will get far more exercise on vacation than they do within their normal daily routine – and as opposed to being in a gym, it is usually good outdoor exercise too. Playing on the beach, hiking, running or just taking long walks in the fresh air are all the kinds of exercise that tend to make us more tired at the end of the day.

When back into your normal routine, try to keep up these types of exercise. Do some, running, cycling or walking outdoors – all things you can do with the kids too, especially after work in the early evening, when it tires you out at the right time.

Less stress

The biggest sleep killer is stress – and when we are on holiday we tend to think less about the things that are bothering us at home or at work. This alone is fantastic for better sleep.

To continue this after the vacation is over, try to reduce your stress levels in your day to day living. Do breathing exercises, meditation, yoga or massage. Take long walks or a long soothing bath, all at the end of your day after exercising to allow your body and mind to prepare for sleep.

More time to ‘catnap’

Most of us find that when on holiday we have time after lunch to take that precious little ‘catnap’- and we jump at the chance. When back at work these little ‘power naps,’ if you prefer, can work wonders to totally refresh you and get you a new start to the second half of your day. Remember that the sleep you have throughout the day is cumulative, so if you are getting a little less at night this can make up for that too.

Less blue screens and a more peaceful environment 

Often when we are on holiday we are less inclined to be watching TV, stressful news bulletins and nail-biting soapies, etc. All of which subject us to more ‘blue screen’ activity just before bed. When you get home make it a habit to continue this by rather reading or taking that soothing bath and quitting any screens at least an hour before bedtime. This, by the way, is especially important for the kids!

Always sleep on a great mattress!

Whether on holiday or at home, one way to always improve sleep is to sleep on a superior quality Truform mattress. Designed for extra comfort and support and available at a price that everyone can afford, you sleep with the peace of mind of being on holiday every day.

Find a store near you and test a Truform today – or contact us to find out more – it will change your life. Happy holidays and please drive safely!