Sports stars know that winners need good sleep!

Well, it’s a brand-new year and what a great time it is too when our hopes and dreams of lofty ideals to be better, wealthier, happier, or healthier than last year (or all of the above) are chiselled into our new goals for 2023!

Some setting goals at this time will be athletes aspiring to be great sports stars and achieve the exceptional in whatever their chosen sport may be, but no doubt from a health point of view, most of us will be setting simpler goals like just making time to stay reasonably fit so we can achieve our aspirations in other fields of endeavour.

Either way, one thing you had best not leave out in your training regime is that sleep plays a significant role in it and you can be assured that sports stars know that winners need good sleep! 

Exercise helps sleep and sleep is part of health

Whether you’re a sports star or not you know that exercise is essential to maintaining good health, but top athletes know that good sleep is every bit as important as their training to accomplish this.

You see, sports stars understand that a training regime is not just about pushing the body to its limits but it is also about recovery and rest. It is common to see top athletes taking ice baths and massages but many don’t realise that super sportsmen and women also understand that good, regular, restful sleep is as vital to their overall condition as training and recovery. So, why is this?

According to the USA sleep foundation ‘’Allowing yourheart to rest and cells and tissue to repair can help your body recover after physical exertion. Also, as you progress through the stages of sleep, the changes in your heart rate and breathing throughout the night promote cardiovascular health. 

Additionally, it is about preventing illness or helping you recover from illness. During sleep, your body produces cytokines, which are hormones that help the immune system fight off infections. All of these restorative effects are important for athletes’ recovery and performance.’’

What do we need to do?

Think of sleep as a part of a fitness or training regime i.e. …

It needs to be performed regularly – Try to ensure you sleep well every night and that you, as a healthy adult, get at least 7hrs and maybe even take a good power nap after exercise. Many athletes do this by taking a good nap after conducting their recovery routine – thinking of it as a part of their training.

It needs to be performed consistently – Sleep at a given time every night, and try to make this as real as possible. Try not to diversify too much from these times even when on holiday and especially when under stress at work! What good would an athlete who is worried about the next game be if he ignored his training? 

It needs to be quality sleep – Ensure that you eat only very lightly and of course avoid alcohol and caffeine at least a couple of hours before sleeping. Sleep in good conditions too like a dark, cool room and most importantly, just as a runner needs the right shoes, you need to sleep on the right mattress!

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