10 tips for better travel sleep!

It’s a fact that many people really have a hard time sleeping well when travelling. The result is a trip that is spoilt by constantly feeling tired and irritable and that’s the last thing we want to do at the start or the end of any vacation.

As most of us are preparing right now for some travel, whether by road or by air, for our year-end vacation, whether it’s going or returning or both, we thought you might benefit from these 10 tips for better travel sleep!…

Prepare and pack in advance 
One of the things that cause travel fatigue is stress. We stress about the travelling itself sometimes, but mostly we stress about not being sufficiently prepared and we don’t want that to carry over into travel time. So, remove any fears about the travelling itself with some good meditation and relaxation before leaving and especially make sure the trip is well planned and you’re packed well in advance so there’s less to worry about once you get on your way.

Pack to sleep well
On the subject of packing, pack in some items that may help you to sleep well. These can include aids like sleep masks, earplugs, headphones and blankets you like. In fact, anything that helps you to block out light and noise around you can be useful to induce better sleep.

Plan to break for sleep
If you’re not someone who can sleep well in moving vehicles or planes then we recommend that when you plan your vacation you ensure that you make time to sleep between travels. This would be things like sleeping over on a long road trip instead of pushing on through and making days in hotels between flights.

Pack a familiar travel sleep companion 
Take along something that you might be familiar with that helps you sleep. Again this could be a favourite blanket, but comfortable pillows are especially important – and don’t forget your child’s favourite teddy too!

Try not to crouch!
Sleep positions are absolutely vital so to avoid aching muscles and struggling to nod off, try to ensure you’ll be as stretched out as possible! Yes, fight for that front seat of the car or save up for a good seat on a plane – it’s worth it!

Dress for comfort
When travelling try to think less about how you look and more about how comfortable you are. Wear loose-fitting clothing so you can feel just as comfy in the car or plane as you do in your pyjamas in bed!

Eat well and drink water
Drink plenty of water, before during and after travel, it will keep you well-hydrated. Also, eat lightly and avoid heavy meals that will give you discomfort.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol
On that point, avoid coffee at least a few hrs before travel sleep and don’t think that a couple of drinks on the plane will help you sleep. You may doze off, but soon enough will wake feeling pretty bad – and probably very dehydrated!

Move as much as you can!
When seated for long periods keep stretching out your legs and your arms and ensure you take good stops when on a car trip which allows you to do some walking and stretching – and on the plane get up to walk the aisle as much as protocols will allow.

Book a good mattress in advance
When booking your hotel stay or even your stopover check that they have good, firm mattresses that are not too old. Good hotels are usually fine but some B and Bs and Airbnb’s can be inadequate when it comes to this!

You can’t top a Truform
No matter where you lay your hat, your head needs to hit a mattress that is built for postural support and the extra comfort that is found in every Truform mattress. To top it off, even top-of-the-range Truform mattresses come at a price that is affordable to everyone.

Don’t just take our word for it though, test a Truform at a dealer near you or talk to us about your ideal mattress so we can make your sleep dreams come true! Sleep well on the journey – and please drive carefully! A merry Christmas to you and yours from our whole Truform family!