Travel anxiety can have you losing holiday sleep!

It’s November, that exciting time that we are all starting to wrap up our year and planning that much-needed summer vacation, but what many people don’t know is that travel plans and travel itself can induce quite a lot of anxiety!

The problem with this is that anxiety of any kind is one of the primary reasons for losing sleep, as we cannot empty our minds and sink into a soothing slumber. There are so many things associated with travel that make us anxious too, like jet travel, jet lag, insurance, worrying about stopovers and transfers to another aircraft, etc.

If traveling by road, we are always aware of how crazy it can be out there and start worrying for our family’s safety…and so it goes on until we eventually get to where we can settle down and relax, but then several days before we begin the return journey the same anxieties begin to surface and our sleep is disturbed again!

Yes, without any doubt, travel anxiety can have you losing holiday sleep – so what can we do about it? Well, here are a few tips that might help…

Minimalise travel stress – Being less stressed about travel is all about preparation. Step one is to make sure you have made all your travel arrangements well in advance and this includes necessary insurance. Peace of mind is found in good preparation and this will help you to sleep better at least leading up to the eve of departure.

Pack in advance – Speaking of the eve of departure, don’t leave it until then to pack! This is a common problem and many lose a night’s sleep wondering if they have done everything!

Get the jump on jet lag – Jet lag is always an issue when flying internationally. Some people reset their clocks to the destination time a few days before and start training their sleep pattern in advance but if you’re not that adventurous then, when on the plane, at least avoid too much alcohol and caffeine so you can try to get some good sleep before landing at least. 

Keep your sleep routine – We’ve said it many times before but it is of utmost importance that you maintain your usual sleep routine when on holiday. If you find it’s impossible to go to bed early then at least allow for some afternoon nap time to make up for sleep lost at night. 

Deep breathing and exercise – Both before you travel and before returning, you’ll find that deep breathing and relaxation techniques will help – and at least when on holiday you can’t say you don’t have the time! Also choose to rather walk to see places of interest when on holiday as exercise induces good sleep too. A good tip though – don’t do too much exercise shortly before bedtime as this is counter-productive to attaining good sleep.

Return to a great mattress!

At least on your return, there’s something you can do to quickly get back into your usual sleep routine and that is to have a great Truform mattress waiting for you. With its extra padding for extra comfort, excellent design to ensure better postural support and the guarantee of a good night’s sleep, you can trust your trusted Truform mattress to get you right back into sleeping like a baby!

Test a Truform at a store near you – or contact us directly to find out more. We hope these few tips have helped and if you combine these with many happy returns to your Truform mattress you can ensure that travel anxiety won’t have you losing holiday sleep!