Celebrating our youth and how sleep keeps you young!

Every year on June 16th we remember the Soweto uprising, its significance and the subsequent events that eventually led to the demise of the apartheid era. We commemorate the brave youth of the time that stood up for what they believed in and now as a reborn ‘rainbow nation’ we celebrate all our young people.

No doubt the future of any nation lies on the shoulders of the youth, but it is their parents too that must be the driving force behind ensuring that they are the inspiring individuals they all have the potential to be. 

So, young and old we all aspire to retain our youth, and one of the best ways to do this is simply through getting more and better-quality sleep. Yes of course the holding back of the ageing process certainly requires the discipline of regular exercise and healthy eating, but sleep too is a major contributing factor and one that is often ignored. 

Here are a handful of ways that sleep can keep you looking and feeling younger…   

Sleep keeps your weight in check

It has been researched and found that lack of sleep can lead to steady weight gain, so sleep helps you to manage your weight and this, in turn, encourages you to exercise more, feel and look better. We already know what the ageing effects of obesity can be, like contracting diabetes or heart disease.

Sleep is great for your skin

One of the key factors to ageing is damage to the skin and the older appearance generated by ageing skin. We all know about those dreadful puffy dark eyes of a sleep-deprived individual, but we don’t all know that our skin regenerates up to 3 times faster while sleeping than when we’re awake! Therefore, the skin of a healthy sleeper becomes more supple, elastic and tighter. It’s the nearest thing we get to a natural facelift.

Sleep makes you look younger!

Looking younger invariably leads to feeling younger, which psychologically leads to being younger! A2010 study, published in the British Medical Journal, by a group of Swedish investigators revealed that “Photographs of sleep-deprived people appear less healthy, less attractive and more tired when compared to photographs of people taken after a full night’s sleep!’’

Why the young need more sleep keeps you younger too

Many parents who always tell their kids to get more sleep are not aware that the reasoning for this is that our Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is way more active when we sleep. The really good news for parents though is that HGH continues to be active and assist in keeping us looking young even after we have finished growing! Sleep more – keep growing or glowing – either way, it keeps you younger!

Brains and bodies learn and grow through sleep

Did you know that our brains actually learn as we sleep, and this is transmitted to other parts of our bodies too? This means we actually learn and grow as we sleep. What could be more important to keep us looking, feeling and actually being younger in mind and body than that?

Truform transforms sleep into serene slumber 

Looking at all the ways that sleep assists us to retain our youth it is little wonder that so much emphasis is placed on sleeping on a great mattress. A Truform mattress is ergonomically designed to ensure better support and comfort, assists you to get all the sleep you will need to wake up looking and feeling fresher and younger every day.Contact one of our countrywide dealers and take a Truform for a test today! We salute all our youth and those who will mould them into our great leaders of tomorrow. Stay safe – and stay young! 

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