Don’t let your sleep get interrupted this Spring

We are finally in Spring after a pretty cold Winter and it feels good to know that we will soon be facing sunnier days. For some people though this is also a time when they may begin to get more interrupted sleep due to the shorter days, just having more spring in their step or for many other reasons. This is never a good thing so perhaps this article can help you to not let your sleep get interrupted this Spring!

We have often spoken about the importance of sleeping for a certain number of hours a night but many people have interrupted sleep of some sort or another. This can take various forms like just not dropping off properly and continually waking due to brain overactivity. It can be a need to go to the toilet at certain times of the night, which can become habitual, and the worst case scenario is Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) caused by interrupted airways and a lack of breathing which constantly can wake someone.

What are the dangers?

There are several dangers to interrupted sleep all of which are related to insufficient sleep in general. It can cause mental deficiency, diabetes, obesity, pain in certain areas and even cardiovascular disease and hormone imbalances.

What usually causes interrupted sleep? 

There are various common causes for interrupted sleep and if you suffer from it perhaps you will recognise some of these symptoms…

Stress – Just as stress is probably the most common cause of insufficient sleep it is the cause of most sleep interruptions. When the brain cannot be sufficiently quietened due to constant worry about professional or personal issues this will always tend to cause one to wake and not be able to return to sleep.

Physical discomfort – Like what many suffer when trying to sleep on an aeroplane, physical discomfort is a problem as the sleeper will often awake due to pain or cramps. Sleeping on a bad mattress is commonly a problem with this too, so choose to sleep on a Truform which is designed for good postural support.

Age – Age is also a common problem and sleep disruptions are caused by the necessity to visit the toilet in the middle of the night or in some cases a general lack of needing as much sleep. Older people are also more easily woken.

Health issues – This is a vicious cycle as certain health issues like Restless Leg syndrome (RLS), heart and hormonal issues, bladder weakness, and other painful conditions, in general, can cause one to wake in the middle of the night and then the interrupted sleep can exacerbate the illness! Sometimes sleep medication can assist with this but be warned that certain medications are also the cause of sleep interruptions so check it out with your medical professional!

What can we do to avoid sleep interruptions?

There are no hard and fast rules and it’s worth checking the issue out with your Doctor, but a few of the tried and tested things that could assist (which are very similar to what it takes to just get a good night’s sleep in general) are: following a regular sleeping pattern every night; giving yourself plenty of time to wind down; avoiding alcohol (or too many liquids in general), stimulants like caffeine and blue screens for a while before bedtime and ensuring your room is cool, dark and ideally suited to peaceful comfortable sleep – and the most important of all is …

Sleeping on a great mattress!

One of the biggest reasons for sleep interruptions is the pain and discomfort from sleeping on a bad mattress. Test a Truform at a store near you today and discover why so many people have found that they sleep better and without interruption when sleeping on a Truform mattress with its extra layer of comfort and its excellent postural support.

Talk to us today about the mattress of your choice and start today to ensure that you won’t be letting your sleep get interrupted this Spring!