Seven springtime suggestions to sustain your spring mattress!

Finally, spring has arrived and, except for a cold snap here or there, it is time for sun and fun – and of course spring cleaning! Many people ask about how they can best sustain their spring mattresses, as, given the amount of time we spend sleeping on them, they are just about the most important pieces of furniture in the house.

Well, spring is always a time for new beginnings, so without further ado here are seven springtime suggestions to sustain your spring mattress….


  1. Spring cleaning

You always need to vacuum your mattress to get rid of the nasties that can cause so many allergies, but especially right now at the start of spring, it is a good time to do a thorough cleaning. So, first up, include your mattress in your spring cleaning.

  1. Get protection

It’s a very good idea, right from the beginning to purchase and use a good mattress protector. The benefits are numerous including prolonging the life of the mattress; protecting against spills to prevent staining; protection against dust, dirt, sweat and even those allergens that can be generated by dust mites.

  1. Clean bed linen too

Even with a mattress protector, it is important to keep bed linen washed regularly at least every second week, to keep the damage done by sweat, oils, hair and skin cells at bay and prevent bacteria and dust mite build up.

The mattress itself needs to be cleaned regularly, as aforementioned, and a good mattress manufacturer will always give you all the info you need for that.

  1. Let the sunshine in

Finally, after that stuffy winter season when the hatches are, for the most part, firmly buttoned-down, you can let some sunshine in and onto your mattress. This ‘airing’ is said to be highly beneficial and a Kingston University study showed that “this helps prevent excess moisture both from sleepers and humidity, and may also help keep dust mite populations in check.”

  1. Turn, turn, turn…

It is said that mattresses should be turned at least from head to foot – i.e. 180 degrees every 2 to 6 months. This avoids too many depressions all in one spot and too much softening. Also, people of different weights can cause different indentations so keep it turning – and what better time than when doing the whole spring cleaning ritual?

  1. Keep pets and the kids grounded 

Keep pets off your mattress and in their own beds, as even the best-groomed pets will shed hair, drool and sweat on the bed. Keep kids from jumping on the bed too. Your mattress is not a trampoline and will not respond well to that kind of pounding!

  1. Buy the best mattress, to begin with 

When it comes to spring mattresses you simply can’t get anything that is superior to the excellent range offered by Truform. We use the highest gauge wire and have the highest spring count in every individual mattress.

Further to this, the parts in all our mattresses are SABS approved, ensuring our customers great affordability without compromising quality. Contact us for all the advice you need and great suggestions on how you can best sustain your spring mattress!

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