5 ‘C’s to look for when buying a great mattress

People tend to totally underestimate the significance that a mattress has in their lives. We sleep for almost a third of our lives, and that is a huge part of it to spend in discomfort on a mattress that doesn’t live up to what is required to ensure a good night’s sleep. As we begin a new decade you may want to make it one of your first new year’s resolutions to invest in a new mattress, and there are many great reasons to do so.

In future articles, we will talk a lot about sleep, the importance of it and how much one can suffer without it. The starting point of solving sleep issues however is the very bed we sleep on.

Untold damage can be done if your mattress is too soft, too old, too lumpy …the list goes on and the result is probable spinal issues that can lead to many uncomfortable waking hours.

“Buying a new mattress is so expensive”, I hear you say, but it need not necessarily be so, and is a fraction of the cost of your motor car, that you will spend a lot less time in than on your mattress! So, to make it easy to remember the next time you go to buy one, we have a simple 5 ‘C’s to look for when buying a great mattress…

First off, you want to ensure that what you buy hasn’t been made sub-standard, so always look for some sort of seal of approval. The mattress itself need not have this but find out if the manufacturers are reputable and the parts are SABS approved. A good example of compliant mattresses is Truform mattresses.

If you’re buying a spring mattress, remember that the number of springs and their quality is going to make a huge difference to the comfort and longevity of your mattress. Find out about this if you can, but in the case of a Truform mattress again, you can rest assured that every mattress has the highest gauge wire and highest spring count you can ask for.

Whatever you do, try the mattress out. It needs to be firm, but also comfortable, lie on a few and you will find that some are firm, but not really comfortable. You will find an additional comfort layer added to the quilting of a Truform mattress to make it more comfortable and orthopedically superior.

Getting back to that earlier question of cost, well you really don’t need to break the bank to buy a good mattress. Once again Truform have proven throughout their range that a mattress can be reasonably priced without losing any quality at all.

Consult the professionals
In every one of these first four points, we have shown how Truform mattresses comply, have credibility, comfort and are cost-effective – so the final ‘C’ is to simply consult us directly, or find a dealer near you that stocks superior Truform mattresses.

We have been in the business of creating mattresses for 35 years and so we know exactly how to include all of the 5 ‘C’s to look for when buying a great mattress. Go test drive a Truform mattress and make sure your future is filled with many great nights of sleep – the start to any good day!

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