Sleeping well should be a goal too!

Well, finally after all the build-up we crossed the threshold into 2020 and the new decade that awaits us. It was an exciting and perfect time to set some goals.

We’re pretty sure many of you did, and no doubt most goals related to various aspects of those three things that are so important to us all – health, wealth and happiness.

Well, that’s great and why should it be any different? …but how many of you considered that sleep, and your quality of sleep, is vital to achieving all three of these? Yes, it’s true – so sleeping well should be a goal too!

Let’s take a closer look at how sufficient, quality and regular sleep affects each of these areas of our life…

The Body (Health)
Just a few of the more prominent benefits of good sleep on your body and your health in general are:

Improved athletic performance – This one is for all who are about to sign up at the gym or join a sports team to boost their fitness levels. Essential to the athlete is a minimum of 7 hours of quality sleep a night to improve performance, energy, speed, coordination and mental function.

Recovery – One of the most vital aspects of coping with strenuous exercise is good ‘recovery.’ Nothing rejuvenates and rests the body better than a good night’s sleep.

Better regulation of calories – People who sleep well burn more calories during the day. According to research, sleep deprivation affects the body’s ability to regulate food intake – therefore weight loss can also be a benefit when you sleep well.

Reduced heart disease risk – One aspect of this is blood pressure. Regular sleep allows the body’s blood pressure to regulate itself and promotes better overall heart health.

Reduced inflammation – A study in the ‘World Journal of Gastroenterology’ suggests “there is a link between sleep deprivation and inflammatory bowel diseases that affect people’s gastrointestinal tract.” Sleep reduces inflammation in the body.

The Workplace (Wealth)
So many set goals to make more money and achieve more in the workplace, or their businesses. Sleep is essential here too, as good regular sleep (according to studies on effects of sleep deprivation) promotes the functions of concentration, productivity and cognition – all vital to achieve and succeed in the workplace – or the classroom!

Relationships (Happiness)
There is little point in setting goals to spend more time with family and friends if you are not pleasant to be with. There are 2 things related to good healthy sleep that are important when it comes to relationships with others:

Emotional response – Sleep deprivation can affect the way you empathise with or respond to others. One study in the Journal of Sleep Research measured people’s responses to emotional stimuli. The conclusion, similar to many other studies, was that a person’s emotional empathy is less when they do not get adequate sleep.

Mood elevation – The old saying ‘grumpy as a bear’ comes from the effect on a bear who has had his hibernation disturbed. You would not want to confront him. It is well known that sleep deprivation leads to foul moods and studies have shown that in extreme cases, like those suffering from insomnia, can even promote depression.

The best sleep solution
So, we hope that your goals are working out for you, and having read this, you will ensure that having a great night’s sleep every night is part of your program, because clearly sleeping well should be a goal too!

We will, in future articles, talk a lot about how to get better sleep, but the first and most essential thing is to have a good mattress. Research has also shown how a good mattress can make a difference to quality of sleep and save many of the physical ailments that can come from sleeping on the wrong mattress.

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