Health and hygiene are essential for mattresses too!

With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much with us, although a little more relaxed now, one of the good things that can be said to have come out of it is the fact that we are all very much more cognisant of maintaining good hygiene.

Regularly washing our hands, not only when we go to the bathroom but at least a few times a day and not going to school or work when we are ill so we can try to avoid infecting others, are good practice. Maybe the wearing of masks will even become fashionable and many will continue to wear them when in public. Michael Jackson, after all, had the jump on all of us! 

Some mattress hygiene issues

What many of us don’t realise is that the place where we spend a third of our lives – our beds – and that great mattress that we love – could be causing some hygiene issues if we choose to ignore this fact.

Mattresses, if not correctly maintained and regularly cleaned, not to mention replaced with a new one from time to time, can cause several health issues:

1. Allergies – Mattresses, particularly old ones, can contain bed bugs and dust mites. These microscopic creatures like to feed on the dead cells your body sheds – It’s a horrible thought and it can create huge allergy problems for those susceptible to these allergens.

2. Asthma and skin problems – These pesky mini-creatures can cause respiratory and skin problems too – Asthma, sore throats and eczema are all potential issues.

3. Back pain – It is well known that especially in the case of very old mattresses that skeletal issues can arise like back and neck pain. It is a good idea to make sure that the mattress you call your best friend, doesn’t become an ‘old’ friend!

4. …and much more… obesity, a weak immune system, heart issues, the promotion of snoring and even memory impairment are all, believe it or not, said to be potential health risks of a poor or very old mattress.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are the keys 

There are essentially three main ways to ensure better health and hygiene for your mattress. They can all be done at the same time just once a month – and they are:


Regardless of the age of your mattress, nothing will prevent the sweat and natural shedding of skin that you do as you sleep. Seeing as you can’t wash your mattress, use a mattress protector. This can be removed and washed regularly to prevent nasties gathering and staining of the actual mattress.

Thorough cleaning

Having removed the protector to haul it off to the wash, thoroughly vacuum the mattress with one of the smaller attachments of the vacuum cleaner. Go side to side from top to bottom and then vertically from side to side. This will give a thorough cleaning. Also, ensure you pull the bed right away from the wall to dust and vacuum under it as well. 

Turn and rotate

Once cleaned, turn the mattress and clean the other side and at the same time as you turn the mattress rotate it. Turning and rotating ensures that you are keeping it cleaner, and evens out the wear and tear on each side. Make sense doesn’t it?

Replace with the best there is

If you now agree that health and hygiene are essential for mattresses too – when you make that decision to replace your old mattress, you can’t do better than one of the great range of mattresses available from one of South Africa’s leading mattress manufacturers – Truform mattresses.

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Sleep well, sleep wisely and sleep safely!

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