Healthy lockdown sleeping – and returning to cycle

It’s that time of year when most families would have taken advantage of Easter or the subsequent public holidays to take a great April family vacation. In these extraordinary times, however, due to the lockdown we will be celebrating Easter at home, but whatever causes a change in routine usually means a change in sleep patterns too.

The tendency is for kids to want to stay up later and it’s not only kids that get affected either. Many adults find themselves getting way out of their sleeping patterns when their routines are changed too and getting quite miserable as a result.

It could also be quite difficult to get the kids and ourselves back into routine after the lockdown, so here is some advice on healthy lockdown sleeping – and rapid return to cycle thereafter…

On good sleeping practices…

Stick to a routine. – Try not to let a change of schedule change your sleeping patterns. The temptation may be to stay up later watching TV, or partying because there’s little or no work, but rather aim at sleeping and rising around the same time.

Avoid overindulgence before bedtime – Sure you’re going to eat a little more and probably have a few more drinks, just as the kids will eat more sweets and drink more sodas, but do try to avoid these shortly before bedtime. This is never good for the digestion or sleep. Rather stick to a light snack like fruit or some milk before snoozing.

Keep exercising – Regular exercise is always good for promoting a natural sleep pattern, but not too close to bedtime. Don’t allow yourselves or the kids to become lockdown ‘couch potatoes,’ but don’t overdo it either.

Rest and relaxation – Try to make this a time of rest and relaxation. Healthy activity with the kids will be great and get them off to sleep earlier too, but keep your bedroom a peaceful haven and take plenty of time for quiet meditation.

On returning to cycle after the lockdown…

Cheat your body clock – If you have gotten out of cycle, you need to get back to routine ASAP. One way is by just going to the bedroom and making yourself go through your normal sleep patterns. Ensure the room is dark, and even if it takes a little while, get back into your sleeping and rising cycle quickly. This is even more essential for kids!

Don’t be tempted to ‘snooze!’ No matter how tired you may be in the first few days, don’t be tempted to keep hitting the ‘Snooze’ button on the alarm. You need to get the discipline to rise, as this is the only way your body will tell you that it’s time to sleep again earlier in the evening.

Give it a natural nudge. You can try drinking something to help you sleep. There are various recommendations like chamomile tea, warm milk and research done at the Louisiana State University in America suggests cherry juice. They had this to say “drinking cherry juice twice a day for two weeks helped to increase sleep time by nearly 90 minutes in older adults with insomnia!”

Apparently cherries contain high levels of the sleep hormone ‘melatonin,’ which gives your body the “it’s time to sleep” signal. Don’t take our word for it though, just give it a try.

Get a great mattress! One of the best ways to ensure you will still sleep well whether on lockdown or returning from holiday is if you and your family have great Truform mattresses. You’ll always be so glad to get into bed that it will be difficult to disturb your usual sleeping cycle.

We hope this advice on healthy lockdown sleeping – and rapid return to cycle has been useful to you and invite you to contact us for any advice you may want on purchasing a great mattress.

Check out our website to find a dealer near you online and whilst on lockdown enjoy your family time and be safe!

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