Changing your mattress could change your life!

A survey conducted by the American National Sleep Foundation, proved that over 90% of people seemed to be aware that an old mattress can cause quality of sleep problems, but for some reason many still hold on to their old mattress far beyond its reasonable life span.

What many people don’t realise however, and perhaps they should, is that holding onto a very old mattress can in fact cause some serious health problems – so perhaps you need to consider that changing your mattress could change your life!

What are the health risks that old mattresses can threaten you with?

Neck and back pains – There are a number of health risks and obviously the one most people consider, because so many suffer from it, is neck and back pains. The back in particular can suffer the consequences of sleeping on a mattress that’s so old it is beginning to resemble a hammock!

One report we read was that Oklahoma University in the USA did a survey in which they asked people to replace their mattresses every 5 years. Those that complied reported a significant decrease in back pain after replacing the mattress.

A hot tip – One way to assist with back pain is to lie on your side and put a pillow between your knees.

Old mattresses can cause stress! – A lesser known health issue and a spin-off of this back pain problem, is the stress that can be caused by that back pain associated with sleeping on an old mattress.

It appears that the irritability that is linked to poor sleep increases the levels of cortisol in our bodies – i.e. stress levels. This is a classic example of how changing your mattress could change your life!

Your mattress could be a ‘bed bug’ farm! – This is a well-known one, but what many don’t realise is that no amount of cleaning will totally eradicate Dust mites and bugs – the microscopic creatures that feed off the dead cells our bodies shed when sleeping.

The older your mattress gets the more settled these creatures become until your old mattress is literally, a bed bug farm. A solid word of advice is that you really need to change your mattress on average every 6 to 8 years to prevent the kind of allergies and skin conditions (like eczema) that these little terrors can induce.

The tip of the iceberg – We have just mentioned the tip of the iceberg, as other health issues like snoring, obesity, immunity, heart issues and even memory issues, can all be directly, or indirectly, associated with the consequences of holding onto ‘Old faithful’ for too long.

Weigh the cost

The cost of replacement is given as the primary reason that people hold onto mattresses for too long. One needs to weigh the cost of a good Truform mattress (and we pride ourselves on offering excellent quality medium price range products) against the potential medical bills accrued over the few years that that old mattress has started to become a real health hazard!

Our superior range of mattresses (many chosen by the hospitality industry as they are seen to offer the best long term value) are available from a great national dealer network who offer excellent sales service and, all our products are backed by solid warranties.

Contact us directly to learn more and rest assured that when you do decide to change your mattress to change your life, we will always be your best choice!

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