Lazy lockdown nap time is actually a good habit to form

This is not an easy time for anyone and the COVID-19 virus has created great challenges for most of the world to try to overcome. One of the most stressful has been the long lockdown periods people have had to endure, and even as we try to phase ourselves back to normality, we still have been encouraged to work from home and remain as isolated as possible.

Is isolation good or bad for sleep?

The answer to this question seems to rest very much with the psychological make-up of the individual. Some, dealing with a great amount of stress may find they are not sleeping well and others, who may be more used to working from home and are still in a position to earn a living, may be getting more sleep than ever.

Either way, what is very common in these times is for people to find themselves nodding off in the middle off the day, either to catch up with sleep, or because the home environment simply gives them a better opportunity to do so.

The importance of sleep cycles

Whichever you may be doing, the afternoon ‘cat nap’ or, as business people like to call it, the ‘power nap’ is really not a bad idea, but if you’re going to do it then learn to do it regularly and make it a part of your sleep cycle.

Sleep is something that simply likes regularity and the body responds well to this regardless of whether the sleep is all through the night – or dispersed between the night and day time naps. Most experts agree that the body needs 7 to 9 hrs sleep per day, but it is cumulative and can be taken mostly at night and partially during the day to give pretty much the same benefits.

So, without a doubt – that lazy lockdown nap time is actually a good habit to form, but here are a few important things to note about it…

The duration of the power nap

There are various levels – or depths of sleep; light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep (that time just before the mind is fully awake). It is recommended to get a 15min to 30min power nap, as longer than this can become ‘deep sleep’ which is more difficult to become fully awake from. Deep sleep in the afternoon can leave one feeling grouchy and have the opposite effect of feeling invigorated and ready to start again.

Having said that – if you are really lacking sleep at night and you have the time, then take a full hour to totally revitalise the body. You then just need to account for more time to feel fully awake again.

Probably the time you have will dictate the length of your power nap, but if you tend to get drowsy in the afternoon, the just tag even five or 10 minutes onto your lunch break to just close your eyes and do some deep breathing. This can help to reduce stress and get you back on track.

Some solid tips to get better sleep – and naps

Avoid caffeine – like coffee and caffeine drinks in the morning before taking the power nap and in the evening just before bedtime

Set an alarm for a power nap to ensure you wake up – and if possible set a short snooze time too to ensure you wake properly, but not too suddenly

If you can’t get to sleep, just focus on breathing and meditation. Simple relaxation will help with stress at least and refresh the brain a little.

Get a great mattress

Day or night, full sleep or short nap, whatever you do, a great mattress from Truform will help you to sleep well. Every mattress has an additional comfort layer under the quilting that makes their mattresses firmer, more comfortable and orthopedically superior.  

Contact a dealer near you or check out our website to learn more about our great range of premier, affordable mattresses. COVID-19, like every other challenge we have had to face will pass and be overcome, but Truform mattresses (already in business for over 35 years) will be here for a long time to come. Keep sleeping well and regularly and add a good power nap too, but most importantly – please stay safe!

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