Cost cutting ways to stay cosy and comfy this winter

We all know that in good old SA we simply aren’t as geared up to face really chilly days as our European or Canadian counterparts. It is mostly because their winters are so much more severe than ours that they generally have really good heating systems that are far more cost effective. We pay a premium to heat our homes with electricity and their homes are built to keep the cold out, whereas ours are generally built to be cooler.

Whenever winter really hits us though, like at this time of the year, we suddenly find ourselves hopelessly ill equipped to face the cold – or paying an arm and a leg to stay warm as our electricity bills go sky high. Here are a few tips then on cost cutting ways to stay cosy and comfy this winter…

Healthier heating alternatives

Obviously if you can afford to, rather look at heating alternatives like solar heating for geysers at least, or gas heaters and geysers. These alternate forms of heating are better for the environment than electricity, which is in this country mostly generated through coal, thereby creating higher carbon emissions.

They are also, at least in the long run, cheaper energy sources than electricity too, but if any form of heating still is too expensive for you, then dress up nice and warm (with winter under garments), keep a blanket over your legs when at home, and consider these very cost effective alternate ways to save in winter and still stay warm.

Batten down the hatches

A great secret in winter is to retain the heat that you can afford to create. Although we don’t generally have the double glazing that they enjoy overseas, we can at least keep windows and doors tightly shut for most of the time.

Only open windows and doors at the warmest times of the day (don’t use heaters at this time) then close everything up tight and run the heating if you can for just a half hour or so, and keep everything shut tight for the rest of the day.

Soups and stews are good for you!

Delicious soups in particular and hearty stews, cooked in large pots and then frozen to reheat in the microwave, can cut costs on the cooking bills and boy do they keep you warm. There is very little that warms you up quicker than a hot cup of soup or beverage.

Don’t overdo the coffee, but alternate it with teas, hot chocolate, or cocoa, and keep drinking hot drinks throughout the day. Just remember though that a small amount of water boiled quickly will save on electricity – or boil a full kettle and put what you don’t use in a flask to have hot water available later with just one boil.

Hot showers don’t take hours – or too much water

Very little warms you up more, or keeps you warm for longer, than a good hot shower. Avoid baths, as tempting as they may be, as they are far too expensive and we still need to save water. Rather take a quick hot shower, saving the run-off water in a bucket to put into the toilet later, and even a second one if you need a quick warm up.

The secret here is again to ensure the room fills with steam, so everything must be shut tight and dress warmly before leaving that bathroom.

Spend more time in bed…

If you have been depriving yourself of sleep it is not only bad for your health, but you’re depriving yourself of the best place to stay warm – under the covers! Get more sleep and spend as much time as possible in bed – not so difficult now that many of us are working from home anyway!

…and stay comfy too…

So now you’re nice and warm, what is that cost cutting way to stay comfy this winter too? By sleeping on a Truform mattress, the best value for money in a mattress you can buy. The highest gauge wire and highest spring count in every mattress, and an additional comfort layer under the quilting, makes our mattresses firmer, more comfortable and orthopedically superior.

This all adds up to cost affordable comfort, so contact a dealer near you today to find out about our extensive range of mattresses to suit every pocket. We hope this article has given you some useful cost cutting ways to stay cosy and comfy this winter – so stay warm – and especially stay safe!

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